Endangered by Michelle Larkin

I kind of love shapeshifters. Throw in a romance and here I come running. Endangered by Michelle Larkin is a delightful novel with some heavy moments but enough lightheartedness to keep you thoroughly entertained.

The book begins by introducing us to our main character a fun-loving sugar addicted Boston police officer named Aspen Wolfe. Aspen is out on a call involving a teen runaway that is standing on the edge of a bridge moments away from committing suicide. Aspen uses her charm, wit, and resourcefulness to talk the young woman, Skye, to go for pancakes instead of making a perilous leap.

Skye and Aspen have an immediate connection. Similar backgrounds and childhoods bond the teen and the officer in a quick and unexpected way. Aspen convinces Skye to seek medical attention and that brings in Dr. Tora Madigan, our other main. A no-nonsense serious lady that immediately gets under Officer Wolfe’s skin. Let the sparks fly, these two are going to drive each other crazy til they finally admit the attraction. Their interactions are furthered by an evil US President that has just signed an emergency call to action where shapeshifters can be terminated for a bounty. These ladies face imminent death and must hide and begin a revolution to make the American people aware of their plight. The shapeshifters are in serious trouble and these three ladies and their band of friends have to help make the world see that they are friends, not foes.

This one I believe is setting up a series, there is a lot of background info given but still, some pretty big question marks linger. You are left wanting more, which has its good points and bad. A lot of info comes at you fast and I think the book would have been much better if more chapters were used to explain the history of the shapeshifters Larkin was unveiling. A good book none the less.

3 out of 5 stars


Strike a Match by Fiona Riley

Fiona Riley always gives us a good story. I can absolutely, unequivocally say I am a huge fan of her Match series. The first one was super romantic, the second adorably cute, the third well, awe holy hell it was HOT. Smoking hot!

Sasha McCray is a firefighter and sometimes bartender/waitress for a high-end catering company. She works her tail off to give her parents every penny she can. An accident involving a house fire decades ago left her father with a significant health issue that has compounded medical bill after medical bill. She is doing everything she can to keep her parents in their home and their worries at bay.

Abby Rossmore wouldn’t have to work a day in her life. This woman was born into one of the richest families in America. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t work though, quite the contrary. Abby has taken to running her family’s charitable foundation as the non-profit’s chief accountant. Abby doesn’t like the attention being a Davenport brings her. She never knows when she meets someone if they are interested in her, her money or her family’s connections.

Sasha and Abby end up meeting meet at a Lucinda and Samantha’s wedding. These two had met previously through book number two’s character Shelly’s date mixer. When they meet this time sparks fly with sexual tension. Abby is convinced Sasha is a womanizer and Sasha think Abby is just an accountant. With a whole lot of heat and a little bit of deceit, this book will make you fly through the pages. It’s sexy, it’s cute and it will hold your attention to the very last sentence. This is a fantastic book, with delightful characters, and chemistry for days. Like I said this book is smoking hot! 5 stars

5 out of 5 stars


Miss Match by Fiona Riley

This is what I would call a good old-fashioned romance. No, there are no bonnets or horse drawn carriages. What I mean is Miss Match by Fiona Riley is a true romance in every sense oF the word. There is no craziness or sub-plot, it’s just two ladies that meet, find each other attractive, and move forward through highs and lows of true love. This is a romance and it is so very good!

Samantha Monteiro is a match maker. She runs a company that finds personalized love matches to the wealthy of Boston. Most of her clients are business tycoons who have put their person life on hold while they have navigated their careers. Samantha and her business partner, Andrew, find them their true love. The only problem is Samantha hasn’t found her own match yet. She thought she was to marry her college sweetheart, but his infidelity left her nothing but a scandal to cover-up.

Lucinda Moss is an advertising executive by day and a dance teacher by night.  This woman has a heart of gold. She smiles easily, says all the right things, but rarely does she let anyone know the real Lucinda. Raised a s a foster child, Lucinda has learned to fake happiness all the while keeping her heart safely hidden behind protective walls.

Samantha and Lucinda meet at a wedding. These two hit it off immediately. They find a way to keep meeting and become a constant in each other’s lives. They date, they navigate a relationship, and they fall head over heels in love. While a generic as that sounds this book is anything but. Its sexy, it’s cute and it will hold your attention to the very last sentence. This is a great book, with great characters, with a great romance. Great, great, great!!!  Oh, and this book is Fiona Riley’s first book. Oh my she is good, I cannot wait to see what she writes next because Miss Match is a stellar debut!

4.5 out of 5 stars

ARC from Netgalley and BSB

Miss Match
by Fiona Riley
Link: https://amzn.com/B01E852ZAA


Capsized by Julie Cannon

Winter needs to go on already. I am so beyond ready for sunshine and time on the water, and so over sweaters and being forced to drag along a jacket wherever I go. So seeing Julie Cannon’s newest book about adventures on the high seas grabbed my attention and I thought I would give it a whirl.

Alissa Cooper owns a very successful advertising agency in Boston. She is driven to be successful and deliver top not work to her clients. Long hours and heavy workload in the office propel Miss Cooper to taking what downtime she has out onto the water in her luxury sail boat. Late one night after spending the day on her boat, her vessel catches fire and burns to smithereens leaving her stranded in the middle of the ocean with nothing but a life vest on.

Bert Coughlin is the captain of her own commercial fishing boat. Bert is a hard working woman who knows that her fishing capabilities feed the hard working men that work for her. Fishing is serious business and nothing gets in her way, not even a stranded advertising executive. Bert’s crew literally stubble and find Alissa while they are headed out on three week tuna expedition. Alissa is forced to come along for the ride, and share Bert’s bunk space.

This book left me wanting more. There is so much of Burt and Alissa’s story that was left untold. Why did the book end when it obviously needed about 10 more chapters of information? Why did Alissa’s boat burn down, was it nefarious in nature or just an electrical malfunction. What about the appearance of the ex-prison inmate ex-girlfriend. Is she seeking revenge? So much left unsaid, and not in a good way. Plot holes drive me crazy! This book is a fine, nice read but it left me hanging, and wanting it to be more than it was.

3 out of 3 stars

I was given this ARC by Netgalley & Bold Strokes Books.


Telling Lies Online by Miranda MacLeod

Catfishing will get you nowhere but in a heap of trouble, even if it started off by accident. This book is centered on a computer glitch that leaves two women in precarious situation. This crazy novel is fun, and reminds us the truth will set you free.

Dr. Jamie “Jay” Richards is a climate scientist. While Jamie has had a rash of bad luck dating, she tends to always pick the Miss Wrong, but currently things are beginning to look up. She’s met someone amazing on an online dating site. This may finally be the lady she is looking for. Everything is going wonderful until an automated message turns the whole thing upside done. A malfunction in website led her match to believe Jay is a male, and her profile picture she’s wearing a cowboy hat doesn’t help dissuade this error.

Dr. Claire Flores is a professor of literature at a small college in Portland. She has spent her whole life trying to attain the high standards her great aunt has set for her. Nothing was ever good enough, and Claire was constantly reminded that her deceased parents would have expected more form her. Claire has spent her whole life feeling guilty, and wishing she had what her parents had. She has ideals of what her future should look like, and that does not include a wife, it includes a husband. She feels a connection to Jay, but if she knew Jay was a woman, all bets would be off.

Jay does the unthinkable and lets Claire believe that Jay is male. Claire decides on whim to take an interview for a job in Jay’s hometown of Boston. This is when things get crazy, and it keeps getting crazier.

This novel is light-hearted, fun. It is perfect for a quite weekend, when you want to relax and unwind with a fun tale. You won’t be disappointed!

3.5 out of 5 stars

  • Publisher: Apple Blossom Press

Telling Lies Online
by Miranda MacLeod
Link: http://amzn.com/B01BDZWYNG

Telling Lies Online

After the Fire by Emily Smith

EMT meets firefighter. EMT hates all firefighters, but this one is so hot. Hit the button and let the carousel of emotions begin.

Conner Haus is an experienced EMT who has seen more than her fair share of tragedies. Her life was destroyed when her fiancé Kam, a Boston firefighter, was killed trying to save a child from a burning automobile three years ago. Since Kam’s death, Conner has become cold, distant and is hell bent on hating every firefighter she comes across, old friends included.

Logan Curtis is a rookie. She was a paramedic for ten years, before entering into the fire academy. She loves the danger, the adrenaline rush and helping save lives. She is a hotshot, everything Conner wants no part of, everything like Kam used to be. Attraction be damned.

This book isn’t bad, it just isn’t interesting either. In my opinion it lacks depth, and I had to really push to finish this book. I felt as if I was reading the same thing over and over. Kam is a huge part of the book. Her ghost (not literally) haunts everyday of Conner’s life. I am in no way trivializing losing a spouse, I cannot even begin to imagine the pain, but I had to think Conner is not by any means ready to date again. She is horrible to Logan for 30+% of the book. Then boom, she’s hot, so let’s hookup, then back to bitchy mode. I just couldn’t understand the attraction these two had for each other, it seemed forced and superficial. I just wasn’t feeling the love between Conner & Logan. Not bad, just not great.

2.75 out of 5 stars

After the Fire
by Emily Smith
Link: http://amzn.com/B01B35M094