Troop 18 (A Dr. Kate Morrison Mystery, #3) by Jessica L. Webb

I really could go on and on about how much I have adored Jessica L. Webb’s novels. Every book has been just outstanding.

Troop 18 comes from Andy’s perspective and picks up fairly soon after Kate left Andy in Pathogen. Right out of the gate you feel Andy’s despair of their quasi-breakup. She has counted the days that Kate has been gone with no contact. Not a phone call, nor a text to let her know where they stand or how she is. Andy’s heart is broken and she is terrified of a future without Kate. Her pain is palatable, you feel it just radiating right of the page. Jessica Webb, you are so good! I love a book that makes you feel, even if it hurts. Of course, Andy turns to work as her salvation, and this takes us right into a bizarre case dealing with a group of RCMP cadets, who may or may not be up to something nefarious. Andy is needed to root out what they are hiding and whether this troop needs to be allowed to continue their training. Not life and death craziness of like the past two novels, but interesting nonetheless.

When Kate does come back to Andy, well I could just gush about their reconnection. These two ripped their hearts out, spoke the truth and held nothing back. Their reconciliation was done masterfully! Emotions, oh the emotions! This is basically the heart of this one. While the mystery is very mysterious, it’s the emotional journey of the Andy and Kate that is the main focus. Of course, I love it, total romance junkie here.

Is this the last of the series, if I was a betting woman I would say yes if felt like the end of the road to me. The characters of Kate and Andy have been phenomenal. What a fantastic series this has been. It is definitely a series to treasure. Webb is easily on of the best authors in this genre, I can’t wait to see where she takes us next.

4.75  out of 5 stars

Troop 18

Pathogen by Jessica L. Webb

Pathogen by Jessica L. Webb picks up not long after the conclusion of Trigger, the debut novel in the Dr. Kate Morrison Mystery series. If you haven’t read, Trigger, stop, go read it and then jump right into this one. These two need to be read in sequence. Otherwise, you will be wading in the dark. My rview of Trigger can be found here:

In Trigger, Dr. Kate Morrison and RCMP Sergeant Andy Wyles were thrown together to solve a medical mystery of humans being used a scary ass bombs.  The race against time and an evil villain brought these two unlikely women, threw them into a harrowing situation and they both came out alive, scarred and totally head over heels in love. Such a good book!

Pathogen picks up in the aftermath of said event. As Kate returns to being an ER doctor at Vancouver East, she is struggling a bit with being out in her relationship and wrestling with the demons of what happened in Seattle. On the flip-side, she is deliriously in love with Andy. The small moments these two have with each other at the beginning of the book give you a window into their relationship.

Where the tension begins…Andy is called up to the Whistler area to investigate an outbreak of a mysterious flu-like virus. Why is RCMP involved, and not the Public Health Agency of Canada? The mystery seems to increase as a politician’s daughter is one of the sick. Is this political warfare breaking out? The RCMP brings in Kate to assist Andy on finding out what this virus is, who designed it and for what purposes. The mystery of this book is fantastic. Webb hits you with details and facts that have been meticulously researched. The story has many layers, but the heart of it all is a riveting medical drama.

I think what I loved the most about this book though is the protagonists. Kate is such a multifaceted character. She is deeply wounded, but so strong at the same time. Her complexity and resiliency draw you in, and you can’t help but root for her success and at the same time feel her pain. While Andy is the strong protector you sense her wariness as to when the other shoe is going to drop. Will the outside pressure be too much for Kate and Andy to handle? Her wariness of their future is palatable, but her heart is beyond invested. Their relationship, to me, is what makes this book great.

5 out of 5 stars

by Jessica Webb

Rescue Me by Michelle L. Teichman

The book Rescue Me, Michelle L. Teichman, starts out describing a rift between the Toronto police department and the local EMT’s. These two organizations cannot get along, the officers declining medical help time and time again. Interesting concept that ties in a few different story lines to deliver a whodunit crime mystery with a side of romance

Staff Sergeant Kristen Bailey of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is working undercover as Toronto PD. The RCMP believes that something nefarious is going on inside the police department. It is Kristen’s job to find out why an officer was murdered while waiting for an ambulance to come. This tangled web of deception is Kristen’s mess to figure out if she wants her coveted promotion to Banff. Kristen is your typical strong alpha type. She is all about the job. Her bed, well really their bed is a revolving door. A hookup is fine but any more than a night of passion forget it. Basically, a total womanizer and she admits to being one multiple times through the course of the story. Oh, and of course she is super hot.

Paramedic Ashleigh Paige is your nice, girl next door. Her heart is a s big a Canada, and she is always there to help. She takes a particular shine to Kristen, even though she is rebuffed time and time again. After her one and only relationship with a woman failed miserably, Ashleigh is determined to find a lady who has a good heart and isn’t just looking for sex. She knows her attraction to Kristen is breaking her own rules but she just can’t stay away.

Now did I love it? Confession, this one just didn’t do it for me. I thought the first third of the book was really clunky and just didn’t flow all that well. There was a lot of information and background coming at me and I struggled to really become invested in the story. Towards the end, the story seemed very melodramatic in the relationship aspect and quite predictable in regard to crime solving. The chemistry of Kristen and Ashleigh did not jump off the page, in my opinion. Not a bad read, but not one I would revisit.

3 stars out of 5 stars


Trigger by Jessica L. Webb

Bombs in the forms of human beings! Whoa nelly, say that again. Yup, this book is about humans that are being turned into walking, talking bombs. Touch these poor souls and boom! Talk about freaking scary as hell.

Trigger by first time author Jessica L. Webb is an action packed adventure. She does not write like a newbie, Wedd has a great writing style, and her story telling is outstanding. I started this book late one evening and read well into the night. This book grabbed my attention, and even though I needed to go to bed, I had a hard time putting it down. With that being said this book is frighteningly good!

Kate Morrison is the Chief Resident of Vancouver East Emergency Room. Kate’s entire world is thrown the moment Joe Caglioni walks into her emergency room. This walking human bomb is suffering and in a terrible amount of pain but insists on not being touched by Dr. Morrison. Adding to the chaos is the appearance of Sargent Andy Wyles of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. She has just showed up insisting the same thing, no touching the patient. Goodness, so what does any great doctor do, heck yeah, she hits Joe right in the chest to restart his heart, she will not stand by and watch someone die without giving it her best shot at saving them. Guess what the bomb did not detonate! Without spoiling the book I will say Kate has a special gift that resulted out of tragedy. Kate and her special attributes are now a thrust into a mystery which she along with Sgt. Wyles must race to solve. Who is making this army of human bombs and what is their diabolical plan?

The book reads very well and is full of heart pounding, adrenaline racing moments. I have zero clue if human bombs can be actually made, but Webb 100% sold me on the possibility through her story. I was held captive throughout the book, desperately needing to know how this was all resolved. While the romance is very good, it is not the whole focus of the book. Let me say what romance there is in Trigger is utterly fantastic. So subtle and extra sexy. This book has action out the wazoo, but it doesn’t stop there. Mystery, intrigue and a fantastic couple are in full force as well.

5 out of 5 stars

ARC received from Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books



Stone Gardens by Lois Coarec Hart

Can one terrible moment in your life, cause you to abandon everything you hold dear? Stone Gardens by Lois Cloarec Hart, will tackle that exact question.

Grae Jordan has run away from her family, friends and her old life. A tragedy Grae believes she caused her senior year in college, has caused her to abandon the life she had created for herself. For eight years she has avoided everyone she has ever known, basically becoming a ghost in her hometown. She has changed the way she looks, hiding in tattoos and piercings, and has even altered the way she speaks. Her running away has caused her to live a life of barely making ends meet. She is living in a slum, working a minimum wage job, and all the while taking care of the young man, Marcus, she rescued from the streets.

The beginning of the story Grae runs into trouble, a brawl at her job ends her up in court. Just as Grae is set to enter her not guilty plea for assault, she sees that the judge for the case is her mother, Thea. This moment causes a chain reaction of Grae dealing with her past, and including her family back in to her life. Her mother makes Grae a deal she cannot resist. One year of rent-free living, for her and Marcus, if she will enter into therapy, which she reluctantly agrees to.

Through the course of therapy Grae begins to shed more light on why she is who she is, and why she felt the need to change herself. She enters into new relationships, and works on the ones she let go for many years. Therapy forces Grae to take a hard look on what really happened in college that made her who she has become today.

Stone Gardens has a lot going on. I my personal opinion, it has way too much conflict. It seemed that every chapter had a new ordeal for Grae to overcome. From my perspective, it became exasperating. I could not invest any one issue because it was glossed over and on to the next life altering moment. While the writing is done well, the relationships between the characters is lacking. At times I felt like the dialogue was forced and didn’t sound natural. Particularly the relationship between Grae and Marcus, for some reason it did not ring true to me.

The other issue I had is that the romance of the story is flat and underdeveloped. Grae and her love interest, Kendall have little chemistry but the potential was there, it just didn’t come to fruition. They fall in love way too fast, when as the reader, you get see very little of the building of that relationship. Conversations are implied, but very few were shown. It is hard to become invested, when it is all implied. Also, glossed over was the re-connection with her family. Again, I think this book would have been much better if it has less conflict and more dialogue between the characters.

2.5 out of 5 stars

  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing
Stone Gardens
by Lois Cloarec Hart
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