The Road Home by Erin Zak

Oh, y’all this one is soooooo good. Like 100% amazing and you must read it as soon as humanly possible. Erin Zak has written one of the very best books of the year. My friend, you want this one in your life. Just an outstanding read.

Gwendolyn Carter is a Hollywood actress who is a household name but hasn’t had the breakout role of her dreams yet. She had high hope for a big film role, but just lost out on it and now has no excuse not to go home for her father’s birthday. Gwen avoids going home, at all costs. She has a strained relationship with her mother that has not improved since she fled home after graduating high school.

The Carter family, took in another young lady after Gwen left their sleepy town. Lila Machowicz was one of Mrs. Carter’s star volleyball players and invited Lila to live with them when Lila’s military father was given orders to transfer to Germany. She has become like a second daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Carter. Gwen and Lila have never met and both have giant reservations about doing so.

So we have a lot of family dynamics at play in this one. What we also have is I don’t like you but damn you’re hot kinda action as well. Lila and Gwen have chemistry for days. They also have quick witty banter that keeps you on your toes. I love this angsty drama, it is just an amazing read. I could gush over this one for days, but I am just going to say don’t deny your self this one. It is well worth the price. This is a book you will definitely want to read more than once.

An easy 5 out of 5 stars

The Road Home

Lost for Words by Andrea Bramhall

Lost for Words by Andrea Bramhall will run you through a gamut of emotions. At times I was tickled, frustrated, crying and then again laughing. This is a well-written story that delightful and sweet.

Sasha Adams moved home years ago to take care of her mother as she battled cancer. After her move home to become a caretaker Sasha kind of stopped living her life. Her mother’s health gradually improved but Sasha just kept on getting by. She has given up on trying to find love and spends most of her time working a job she at best tolerates. Har true passion is writing books and screenplays, but never letting anyone but her mother and best friend Bobbi read her work. Unbeknownst to Sasha her mother and bestie enter her into a film company’s screenplay contest. She wins before they ever tell her about it and that is where she meets film producer/director, Jac Kensington.

This story takes you on a ride. Bramhall weaves you into her story and endears you to the characters. A heartwarming story of love, family and friendship.

3 out of 5 stars


Courageous Love by K.C. Richardson

Slow, cliched, and flat…

Alex Taylor is an ER nurse at the local county hospital. This fun-loving lady enjoys her job, her friends and being an amazing godmother to her best friend’s little boy. While her positives are abundant so are her flaws when she deals with a crisis. Alex is fiercely independent, always helping others, but resisting when others do the same for her.

Francesca “Frank” Greco is an easy going, mild mannered police sergeant. Frank spends her days working or hanging out with her lab-mix, Bella. Frank has no family to speak of, losing her twin sister to breast cancer, caused irreparable damage to her relationship with her parents. The loss of her sister weighs heavily in Frank. (Rambling side note: Why in the world would a thirty-year-old woman go by the name Frank? Just, no!)

You may be thinking those aren’t very good descriptions of the two main characters. Well, that’s the thing. This book is kind of like a flat soda. You can still drink it, but you probably won’t get much satisfaction form it. Harsh, that was kind of harsh, sorry, but it’s true. This book is all telling, no showings. The characters are superficial and unlike an onion, there just aren’t many layers to them. The relationship between Alex and Frank takes off, boom there’s the cancer and we go into a public service announcement. It just doesn’t engage the reader, you are basically pushing through to finish the book. Frank is a doormat, Alex is all over the place emotionally, and neither character feels like a real person.

2 out of 5 stars

Courageous Love
by KC Richardson