A Roll in the Hay by Lola Keeley

A Roll in the Hay is Lola Keeley latest novel and dang it is a good one. If you adore a good “get of on the wrong foot” romance this one is for you. These two leading ladies cannot stand each other, till that switch is flipped and love takes over.

Dr. Tess Robinson moves to a a small town to partner with her best friend. They co-own a vet practice, one where Tess will finally be able to work on large animals again. Tess is leaving behind a disastrous relationship that destroyed not only her home life but her work life again. Moving to the Scottish countryside is a way for her to start again and get back to doing what she loves.

Lady Susannah Karlson is trying to step out of her late husband’s shadow. She loved him and grieves the loss of their friendship but she has big dreams for the estate she has inherited. Lady Karlson also happens to be the local ice queen, with a reputation of no non-sense. Did I mention she is a closeted lesbian as well.

Susannah and Tess meet and instantly clash. Whatever the reason these tow just do not get along and they don’t hold anything back. This is a romance so ask much as they push each other’s buttons, finally trust builds and well lust too.

Mostly this is fun, light read with an aristocratic ice queen and a sharped tongue veterinarian. You have to love the back and forth between these two main characters, it really takes to book to the next level. I wish the relationship would have has more angst and heat, but that’s just me. Overall a quality read by an outstanding author.

3.75 out of 5 stars

Publisher: Ylva Publishing https://www.ylva-publishing.com/product/a-roll-in-the-hay-by-lola-keeley/

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The Road Home by Erin Zak

Oh, y’all this one is soooooo good. Like 100% amazing and you must read it as soon as humanly possible. Erin Zak has written one of the very best books of the year. My friend, you want this one in your life. Just an outstanding read.

Gwendolyn Carter is a Hollywood actress who is a household name but hasn’t had the breakout role of her dreams yet. She had high hope for a big film role, but just lost out on it and now has no excuse not to go home for her father’s birthday. Gwen avoids going home, at all costs. She has a strained relationship with her mother that has not improved since she fled home after graduating high school.

The Carter family, took in another young lady after Gwen left their sleepy town. Lila Machowicz was one of Mrs. Carter’s star volleyball players and invited Lila to live with them when Lila’s military father was given orders to transfer to Germany. She has become like a second daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Carter. Gwen and Lila have never met and both have giant reservations about doing so.

So we have a lot of family dynamics at play in this one. What we also have is I don’t like you but damn you’re hot kinda action as well. Lila and Gwen have chemistry for days. They also have quick witty banter that keeps you on your toes. I love this angsty drama, it is just an amazing read. I could gush over this one for days, but I am just going to say don’t deny your self this one. It is well worth the price. This is a book you will definitely want to read more than once.

An easy 5 out of 5 stars

The Road Home

Life in Death by M. Ullrich

I’m going to be 100% honest here, I had intended to pass on this book. I adored M. Ullrich’s last book, but when reading the synopsis for Life in Death, I was stuck on the fact that this book would tackle the loss of a child. I cannot imagine the pain that these characters were going to endure, and quite frankly I did not want to even go there. So, I was going to look away, but the enormous amount of positive reviews kept catching my eye, and a few people reached out to me and raved about this book. So I caved, and I read the book, and kept reading, and kept reading some more until it was finished, all in one night.

I will say this book is a gauntlet of emotions. The book begins with a window into a perfect little family, two women who love each other dearly, and their amazing little girl, who rightfully so, it the light of their lives. You know it’s’ coming, like the shark in Jaws, you can feel the foreboding, the shoe is about to drop. Abigail the daughter of Marty and Suzanne has cancer, and she will lose her battle with the awful disease. A life cut way too short, and her parent’s relationship fractured beyond belief.

This book is a roller coaster of emotions, you will feel your heart break right along Marty and Suzanne. The pain at times is palatable, tears streaming down your face as you feverishly read, totally engrossed in the story. Is it good? Oh my goodness yes, this book is very good. Life in Death takes you on a road of telling the past, mixed in with the present. You see how Marty and Suzanne found each other, and why they broke. You cheer for their road back together, knowing all the while these two will never be whole without the other. This one will stay with you long after the last chapter. A fantastic read, I do recommend waterproof mascara and tissues! My only real criticism, the ending was a touch too short.

4 out of 5 stars

I was given this book by the publisher in return for an honest review.

Life in Death
by M. Ullrich
Link: https://amzn.com/1626397732



Colorblind by Siera Maley

Adorable is easily one of the many adjectives that you can use to describe Colorblind by Siera Maley. This book is at times distressing all the while being heartwarming as well. I know, what a conundrum, but a glorious one at that. This book is a balancing act of sad and happy, no worries, though. You want to read this one. For any sadness that seeps out, there is a magnificent ray of sunshine that will definitely make you smile.

Harper is cynical, jaded, broody with a perpetual dark cloud over her head. Give her a chance, though, Harper isn’t just any teenager. This seventeen-year-old has a special gift, that can only be seen as really a curse. She sees the age of death written on the forehead of each person she meets. In the way that you and I see the date of expiration on a gallon of milk, Harper sees these hundreds of times a day on people. Can you imagine how awful this would be, seeing a toddling two-year-old and seeing the number 4, or a young mother and seeing a 37? Heartwrenching! Harper knows that no one would understand, and basically think that see had seriously lost her marbles if she told anyone.

Chloe Stephens is in one word, magnetic. This character is one of those people that, you know the type that everyone is naturally drawn to. They exude fun and kindness and you cannot help but love’em. She has the wisdom of ninety-year-old, with the adventurous spirit that only teenagers have and exuding positivity all along the way.
These two meet by chance, Chloe just moving into Harper’s San Francisco neighborhood, and become fast friends. Harper is super reluctant to allow Chloe into her life, but the charming spirit of Chloe is just too much to ignore. Chloe doesn’t beat around the bush either. She lets Harper know in no uncertain terms that she is interested in a relationship because she’s cute and interesting. This was so refreshing. No long pining away, Chloe knows how to communicate!

The book is with Chloe and Harper carving out their friendship and then their romance. It’s cute and fun, Chloe makes Harper see the fun side of life and let go of her constant doom and gloom broodiness. If you haven’t read this book, you might be wondering, Can Harper see Chloe’s number? The answer is yes, she totally can, and that my friend adds to the angst of the story.

Overall, this book is fantastic. I have enjoyed each of Siera Maley’s books, but Colorblind is easily the best of her work. The book has just enough tension to keep you on edge, and when it’s finally time for the conclusion, Maley does a masterful job of finishing this delightful book. Highly recommend!

5 out of 5 stars

by Siera Maley
Link: https://amzn.com/B01CGR9AKU

Colorblind by [Maley, Siera]

Four Steps by Wendy Hudson

The prologue of this book grabs you and will send a shock of terror through you. All I could think was on my goodness that was absolutely, one-hundred percent, terrifying. The first chapter is a glimpse of everyone’s worst nightmare coming true. Grabbed your attention, right? Well, that is how this book goes, it grabs you and then tells you the story of Alex Ryan and Lori Hunter.

Lori Hunter is an interpreter for parliament in Westminster. Her day job of constantly and repetitively conversing with people makes her crave solitude in her downtime.  This is what drives her to drive hours outside of the London to climb mountains like Scotland’s Maoile Lunndaidh. Lori loves her career but finds life lacking in most other areas. Her family is scattered and barely speaks, and her relationship of eight years with Andrew is crumbling at an alarming rate.  She finds herself making decisions to change her course and on that very day she runs smack dab into Alex Ryan.

Alex Ryan came to Maoile Lunndaidh to climb that mountain but to also remind herself that her relationship’s end did not ruin her passion for this place. Rachel may have introduced her to the place, but Alex would make her own memories here too. Alex spends most of her days alone, working from home on her family’s farm as a computer analyst for a variety of police organizations. Alex is charismatic and fun but also guarded, and for good reason. Her past is tragic.

These two have instant chemistry, which they both acknowledge and decide to become friends. They build their relationship between phone calls and texts, touching base daily because this person, who they met on the side of a mountain, has become important.  All of that is happening, but you know there is a sinister plot happening as well. EEK! I wish I could tell you more but you need to read the book.  These two crush on each other and when things just begin to go their way, a mad man’s vengeance turns everyone’s life upside down.

A romance with a side of a thriller is what Four Steps is. Overall, I enjoyed this book so much. There were a few chapters I thought were bogged down with too many new character introductions, but that won’t change the overall awesomeness of the book. A really good book by Wendy Hudson!

4 out of 5 stars

I was given this book by the publisher in return for an honest review.

  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing
  • www.ylvapublishing.com

Four Steps
by Wendy Hudson
Link: https://amzn.com/B01KIDGB7Y


Rewriting the Ending by H.P. Tune

Have you ever wondered who the stranger next to you is? For instance there are times when I sit in an airport and wonder who he is or who she is. Are they going home, a business meeting or maybe on an epic adventure? What if a chance encounter on a terrible day was really the best thing that ever happened to you?

Juliet Taylor has one published book under her belt and now the deadline on her second one is fast approaching. Her publisher wants it now but she has one hell of a case of writer’s lock. So the intrepid traveler that she is decides a change of scenery is in store. She packs her bags and is headed for Brussels. The only problem that she is having is that her flight becomes a nightmare situation. Oh you know what I’m talking about, delays, cancellations and more delays. So when a beautiful stranger asks her to join her in the Emirates Lounge in Los Angeles how can you say no?

Mia Revira is the beautiful stranger. Mia is headed to Scotland for some much needed rest and relaxation. Her life has come apart at the seams. Death, a failed marriage, angry parents are all weighing heavy on her heart. She needs time to heal and to find her path. Meeting Juliet is a godsend, this person wants her to be nothing but who she is. Finally, someone sees the real Mia.

For the first fifty percent of this book I was feeling it. Interesting plot, the dialogue was good and overall I was enjoying these two character’s journey. Then the melodrama kicked up into high gear and I just became more and more despondent as the chapters rolled on. Over the top reactions in real life and in books makes me want to run fast, the opposite direction mind you. It leads me to a sense of disbelief, especially in writing where it is over demonstrative. Come on no one acts like this is all I could think. Over and over again, it was just too much! Internal pain, then comfort and repeat and repeat and repeat…

The characters were well developed, they were likeable. The first portion of this book is so good.  To me the obstacles became too overwhelming. It seemed that every chapter had a new ordeal for Juliet and Mia to overcome. From my perspective, it became exasperating. I could not invest any one issue because it was glossed over and on to the next life altering moment.

2.75 out of  5 stars

  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing
  • www.ylvapublishing.com/

Rewriting the Ending
by hp tune
Link: https://amzn.com/B01DUQ68SI

Salvation by I. Beacham

Salvation by I. Beacham is heartbreakingly beautiful book about two women who meet at during a painful period in both their lives. Beacham weaves a tale of strength, determination and reminds us that love really can conquer all. Angst lovers rejoice, this is another book that will make your heart ache, but it is totally worth it.

Claire de Vit is the gardener for an old mansion that was turned into upscale apartments in a small community in the southern region of England. Working with plants and landscaping gives her solace, and a chance to interact with the wonderful, eclectic tenants. SLIGHT SPOILER Claire secretly owns said apartment, and comes from a wealth of money. She easily chose to give up a glorious career as an office with the Royal Navy to watch over her disabled partner Rosie. Rosie, the absolute love of Claire’s life, was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, this vibrant young woman’s mind was snatched from her way to soon. Claire watches from afar caring Rosie the only way she can anymore, planting beautiful flowers for her to enjoy. Claire lives a life of loneliness, living alone, and accepting to this will be her fate until Regan Canning shows up and shakes her world up.

Regan Canning has moved from Yorkshire to Devon. Her life is literally in shambles. Her older brother Simon has just committed suicide, her lover Karen has decided to go back to her ex-husband, and her career in teaching mathematics has hit a dead end. Regan leaves her old life behind, to try to figure out why Simon decided to end his life, and why he never reached out to her. Regan meets Claire, a friend of her brother’s, and tries to put all the pieces back together.

I. Beacham has created two characters, Claire and Regan that are absolutely magnificent. Regan can act like a little baby jackass at times and Claire needs to speak up, but while flawed, they are both so very kind and charming. Personal revelations, along with misunderstandings prevent these two from an early hookup, but the roadblocks are plausible and they keep you interested in the overall story. This is a fantastic read! 4.5 stars.

I kindly received this book from Netgalley & Bold Strokes books in return for an honest review.