The Roommate Arrangement by Jae

I love romance. I love a slow burn romance even more. Tell me it’s written by Jae and here I come running. Jae 100% of the time gives you a great read with characters that will steal your heart and keep you invested till the very last page. Her latest book, The Roommate Arrangement is no exception. This is a fantastic read that had me hooked all the way through.

If you have read Just for Show, you might remember Claire’s younger sister, Steph. She is one of our two main characters. (If you didn’t read it seriously no worries it won’t matter, but you should it’s a fantastic read as well). Steph is a stand-up comedian that is trying to make her big break. For the last year, she has spent her life on the road, gig after gig in run-down bars in the middle of nowhere. She knows she has to make it in Los Angeles or give up her dream for good. Steph refuses to take money from her wealthy Beverly Hills family, so she needs a roommate desperately to afford life near the comedy clubs on Melrose.

Rae is our other main, and yep you guessed it Steph’s new roommate. Rae is the strong silent type, the direct opposite of the fun and perky comedian. Rae used to be a police officer with LAPD, but after a tragic shooting that left Rae injured and killed her best friend, she left the force. She now is security for one of the biggest and most prominent comedy clubs in LA. She is less than thrilled when Steph lets her know that they must pretend to be a couple to secure the new lease.

This is a true slow-burn romance. The two mains start off dancing around even tolerating the other one. As you read they become more open and honest with each other, showing vulnerability and beginning to trust and respect each other. A friendship develops and then more. I loved how Jae took her time bringing them together. It felt natural and added so much to the story. Rae and Steph are fantastic characters, I just loved them! A great read that I highly recommend.

4.5 out of 5 stars


Lovebirds by Lisa Moreau

Lovebirds by Lisa Moreau is a delightfully fun, syrupy sweet opposites attract romance.

Emily Wellington plays it safe. The only risk she has ever taken was to leave her well-paying marketing career to start a birding magazine call The Tweet. She promised her wealthy Beverly Hills parents and equally wealthy girlfriend that she would give the publication two years and if it was not profitable she would give up on her dream and go back to her old job. Tick tock, two years is up and her business is well into the red. She has also just accepted her long-term girlfriend’s marriage proposal. Pressure is coming from all sides to give up her birding passion, return to her corporate business career and settle in the Beverly Hill’s lifestyle her parents and girlfriend demand.

The opposite of Emily is Sydney Cooper. Sydney is broke, perpetually unemployed and cannot seem to catch a break. A teenage runaway, Sydney has brought herself up on the streets and used pole dancing as a way to make ends meet. Her dream is to teach at a Beverly Hills dance studio all she needs is the owner to finally give her the audition so she can show off her skills. 

Emily and Sydney develop an unlikely friendship as Emily searches for a rare bird and Sydney auditions for the posh dance studio. These two are thrust into hilariously awkward scenarios that leave them bickering, laughing and revealing a whole lot of attraction. 

Lovebirds is an endearing story that had me captured to the very last page. I loved the spark between the two mains and the dialogue between them was witty and fun. This is a good romance with a little something extra to set it apart.

3.5 out of  5 stars

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books


A Fine Mess by Breanna Hughes

Harper Foley’s life is a manageable mess. When you first meet her you find out that both of her parents were tragically killed in a car accident a few years prior. This life changing incident sent her, as a young adult, on a trajectory of change. First, Harper becomes the guardian to her sister Emily, who happens to be a seventeen-year-old with a serious drug problem. Emily runs away from home, and Harper spends years searching for her to no avail. Second, at the time of her parent’s death Harper is engaged to a nice guy named Finn. They have been together years, in Finn’s mind, they were blissfully happy, to Harper something quintessential was missing. So, Harper breaks in off one week before the big “I do” moment. Ouch! Third, well… let’s get to that in a minute.

Harper, a college graduate, spends her days working at a bookstore. Her career is unfulfilling to her. She spends all of her other time devoted to her music. This singer/songwriter is trying to break out in LA’s music scene, and she does okay playing at local bars and coffeehouses. You feel a sense of sadness and despair as you read Harper’s story, but for quite awhile I wasn’t sure where we were headed with her.

So Finn is still an integral part of the story as well. He is seeking therapy because he cannot get over Harper. She has wrecked his heart but he takes any sign from her, even a simple phone call as a chance to win her back.

Then you have Kiley. Kiley, Haper’s ride-or-die best friend, is a drop dead gorgeous tornado. She blows in and out of guy’s bedrooms like there’s no tomorrow. To say there is a revolving door would be an understatement. A product of an unloving home, Kiley uses sex as a way to forget. This is fine and dandy, do what you want, but every action has consequences.

What consequences, you ask? Well it takes a while to get to this point, for a long time I was somewhat as lost as you are right now. So big reveal, Harper has a thing for her BFF. Harper, lets no one in on the big secret. Not even a hint that she might be looking at girls in a different way. She internalizes everything and lets Kiley’s promiscuity eat away at her.

My thoughts on this one are a mixed bag. First off, I liked Haper and Kiley, and I wanted to know more about them. I was invested in those two characters. With that being said, the hooking up with random guys, and this is for both ladies, detracted from the overall love story. There were a few parts, I was left shaking my head at why would you do this! Also, I needed more from Kiley’s point of view. I felt myself wanting to get in her headspace and see why she acted and at the times reacted the way she did. I wanted more on why she used sex with random men to hide her true feelings and how that made her feel afterwards. If as the reader I could have tapped into her angst level, it would have made me feel more towards her and overall the book. Kiley’s character need more fleshing out, because she was a really, really intriguing part of the book.

Second, I really did not want to read about Finn, his story and his pseudo-romance with his therapist was distracting. I found myself trying to skip these sections to get back to the leading ladies. I didn’t know what Finn brought to the table storywise other than he’s really nice and not over Harper. I wanted more on the main characters and less history on the sub-characters, Emily was fine, Finn and the therapist, not so much.

Overall, I enjoyed the story, it does have some typos/grammar errors but I was able to move easily past them. It was not a problem in the slightest for me, but you can probably read my reviews and kill a red pen with my missed commas.  With all that being said, Breanne Hughes is a talented writer. Her story, while it had a lot of moving pieces was formed well and held my attention to the end. Overall a good read, and an author I would not hesitate to read again.

3.25 out of 5 stars

    • Publisher: Triplicity Publishing, LLC

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A Fine Mess by [Hughes, Breanna]

Wounded Souls (L.A. Metro #3) by RJ Nolan

RJ Nolan is one of the authors that I really look forward to reading. She always writes a well-rounded story with great characters that are interesting and multi-faceted. While this is the third installment of the LA Metro series, this book could easily be a stand-alone.

Dr. Ashlee Logan is on a temporary assignment filling in for another ER doctor at LA Metro. She takes jobs across the country working for six weeks or less. She absolutely refuses to live any place longer. Logan is running from her past, she feels as though she does not deserve to have friends or anything more than basic human interaction. All she has and all she needs is her dog, Drake and to work.

Dr. Dale Parker is another ER doctor and also a war veteran. She has seen a lifetime of pain. Dale works tirelessly to cover her physical wounds, and because of this she sees a kinship when Dr. Logan arrives to work the night-shift. As much as she wants to ignore her attraction to the mysterious doctor she can’t.

This book has everything a good romance needs, but what really makes it a knockout, is Nolan takes her time letting the reader get to know the two protagonists. She develops their relationship, slowly letting you really get to know each of the two doctors, and developing their friendship. You cannot help but to route for these two ladies to find happiness. While both of them have had major traumatic life experiences, the have each handled their pain in different ways. They work as a great team in the ER, and that helps them outside of the hospital as well. You want to see them find their way to each other. This is a fantastic book, and if you were a fan of the LA Metro series before you will be delighted. If you haven’t read them, that is okay too, this book will be well worth your time!

4.5 stars out of 5

I was kindly given this book by Netgalley and Ylva Publishing in return for an honest review.

  • Publisher: Ylva Piblishing
Wounded Souls (The L.A. Metro Series Book 3)
by RJ Nolan

Threads of the Heart by Jeannie Levig

Threads of the Heart by Jeannie Levig is a multilayered novel that follows the lives of five women who happen to share the same residence.  This is a story that involves a lot of moving pieces that are well crafted to give you not only an entertaining read, but a thought provoking one as well.

Maggie and Addison are partners who have been together over a decade. They live in a three story, beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills. Over the years they have taken in a handful of women and given them a place to live. Maggie is a fiery, Irish mother figure to her inhabitants. She cares for everyone, and spends much of her time nurturing her younger friends. Her lover Addison is going through a period of strife.  Maggie sees this, but cannot for the life of her bring it to the forefront. Addison feels restless and dissatisfied with her life. She cannot pinpoint when it all began to unravel, but she is no longer happy with the status quo of her relationship with Maggie.

Tess is a widowed college professor. She has spent the last three years living with Maggie and Addison. Her life was shattered when a car accident took the life of her partner. She has only now begun to recover and put her life back on track.

Dusty is the player of the group. She has a revolving door of women, and is well known around town if you get what I mean. Dusty has only begun to wish for more in relationship, the one stand has begun to lose its luster.

Eve is married with two young sons. Her marriage to her husband is basically over. She moves in with Maggie and the others to try to understand where her life is headed and how to begin her life over while accepting to her own self that she likes women.

The house serves as a touchstone to these women. They are all at different places in their lives, but they always know they are wanted and safe in this home. Leving does a good job of making you invest in each character. There are times I wanted to give one of the five a hug, and other times a swift and painful kick to the shin. This book deals with some very strong issues including coming out, the death of a partner and infidelity. For me the infidelity was specifically hard to read for a variety of reasons. I continue to vacillate if the betrayal is a personal issue for me or if how it was handled by the characters is what I have a problem with.  I felt more rage at the cheater than the woman who was cheated on.   My personal opinion is that it was glossed over a little too much for me. I do not think I personally could bounce back easily if my loved one decided to use our home for a tryst. This is just my opinion though. With that being said, bravo to Leving for bringing this issue to the forefront and giving me characters that I actually cared how they reacted.

Overall, Threads of the Heart is an enjoyable, entertaining novel. I have to say I was surprised to realize that this is the author’s debut novel. I will definitely be looking forward to reading more by her.

4 out of 5 stars

Threads of the Heart
by Jeannie Levig

Note: I was given this book by the author, Jeannie Leving, in exchange for an honest review.

The Red Files by Lee Winter

Whoa, wow, awesome! These are some of the adjectives that may fly out of your mouth as you finish The Red Files by Lee Winter. What an amazing book. Ms. Winter did everything right with this one. The mystery is multi-layered, the characters are fascinating and tenacious. Oh yeah, the romance is pretty damn good too! To say I was blown away would be an understatement.

Lauren King is a journalist for the LA Centennial. She writes about the celebrities glittering the screens of Hollywood, and what parties the who’s-who are attending. She has zero desire to do this type of frivolous reporting. Lauren is an ambitious investigative reporter who is chomping at the bit to get the go ahead to report real news. Lauren is smart, thoughtful and fearless.

Catherine Ayers is a blue blooded, ex-Washington bureau chief. She has been abused by the good-ol boy club that runs politics. She was forced out of DC by a political maneuver that took her career and all her supposed friends. Ayers is now being forced to suffer out her the remainder of her contract by being the Centennial’s gossip page reporter. Catherine is vicious, cold and has a tongue that will slash her foes to threads. She is also extraordinarily intelligent, honest and at the perfect moments, she is tender.

Catherine and Lauren are like oil and water. These two get extreme pleasure out of making the other one squirm. It is delightful! They treat each other as arch rivals. Both of these women are being held back career wise, so they use the other as their scratching post. Claws out! Their banter is legendary, quick wit that is not only humorous, but also very smart. There were times the barbs they threw at each other caused me to wince, but every time they redeemed themselves.

The meat of the book is a much-layered mystery involving a start-up corporation and with a big brother complex. I won’t go to any details, I definitely do not want to ruin this for any would-be readers. The story is so good! This is fast paced novel, by a great storyteller. The book is the perfect length, I never felt like we were rushing to wrap it up and put a bow on it. This book is solid gold.

5 out of 5 stars

The Red Files
by Lee Winter