Time Will Tell by M. Ullrich

I loved the beginning, shook my head at the middle, and am totally perplexed by the ending. Was it well written? Absolutely! Did I like it? Well, I’m unsure. So, so unsure to be honest. There are parts of this book that are brilliant, parts that made my heart hurt, parts that made me smile and parts that I thought what the bloody hell. This book is a conundrum.

If you give it a read, I would love to hear what someone else thinks.

3 out of 5 stars


Tread Lightly by Catherine Lane

Tread Lightly by Catherine Lane is an absolute delight. You have fairy godmothers, guardian angels, and a whole lot magical moments. Not only are these ladies fighting demons from another dimension but they also have to dance to the tune of self-absorbed millennials.

Claire is a fairy god-mother, who has been helping to create the greatest love stories. She helped Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Kate Middleton all find their perfect match just to name a few. Lately, it hasn’t been so easy, her charges aren’t as interested in their soulmate as past princesses. They have demands and want proof you say who you really are. They also want Jimmy Choos!

Claire becomes entangled with a guardian angel, Tamiel on a case that has a ton of red flags. First off the fairy godmothers are strictly prohibited for fraternizing any way with a guardian angel, who knew! Of course, this just adds to Tamiel’s intrigue. Together these two fight not only demons but alternative facts that both of their organizations have been peddling for centuries. It’s a grand adventure!

This book is light, it’s fun and features one bad ass wand. Yup, you heard it here, a wand! Who knew an inanimate object could steal the show, but it does. This novella was a little gem.

4 out of 5 stars

  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing
  • www.ylva-publishing.com


Take Me Home by Lorelie Brown

Keighley has an antagonistic, fundamentalist aunt. You know that type, they are always right, everything their child does is perfect, while they constantly find fault with everyone else. Aunt Daphne is the worst, and Keighley can’t stand the thought of another family holiday being criticized by this witch. What she needs is a date so at least she can flaunt that and ruffle her aunt’s feathers. Her dating sites are dry, no prospects there so she turns to Craigslist and finds a witty, charming ad in the women seeking women section.

Brooke is a tattoo artist at Belladonna Ink. Tall, lithe with short electric pink hair, Keighley is immediately smitten. Brooke has good looks, a southern accent and loads of personality to boot. These two become fast friends, total opposites but in the way that works. These two balance each other out. The only hang-up is Brooke doesn’t believe in love, her past has jaded her and she cannot or will not risk her heart on just anyone.

This short book is packed with story. There are laugh out loud moment and characters that have charisma. You cannot help but love the two mains and most of the supporting cast. The only thing that I really didn’t care for, and this is just me was too much gushing about the new dog. It was a little over the top in my option, I love animals but I wanted more from the characters and less about a puppy, especially in a novella.  Overall, short and sweet.

3.25 stars out of 5

  • Publisher: Riptide Publishing
  • riptidepublishing.com




Have a Bite by R.G. Emanuelle

I was drawn to this book by the cover. It was cool, it was different and I thought why not. I like vampires! Chefs are badass! So let’s give Have a Bite a role.

Delphine Bouchard is chef and a vampire. You of course already know this but, hey I had to start somewhere.  This vamp she eats, she drinks and she creates culinary masterpieces at her ultra-cool Brooklyn restaurant, Vie Sang. Del avoids love and relationships at all cost. She prefers quick hookups with groupies and vampire submissives. Quick, easy, no mess at all, that is her style. All of this changes, well kind of, when she meets and instantly falls head of heels for another vampire,  Jocelyn.

To be honest I expected more from this book based on its premise than what was delivered. The book at times is a little bit confusing when all of the characters, food descriptions and the evil food critic wanting to destroy Del’s life. A lot is happening in a very short amount of space. Jocelyn, Del’s main love interest is virtually unknown other than meeting Del and making her rethink her vow to never fall in love again. I guess in terms of romance if someone affected you that much, why would you continuously hook up with random strangers. Obviously I can get it to some extent, but in terms of the story I felt it left me a little cold toward the character of Delphine. The action was lacking, the romance was missing and overall none of the characters were developed enough to really make you understand their actions or root for their success.

2.5 out of 5 stars

  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing
  • www.ylvapublishing.com

Have a Bite (The Vampires of Brooklyn Chronicles Book 1)
by R.G. Emanuelle
Link: https://amzn.com/B01F4D48O6


A Turbulent Affair by Sarah Doebereiner

A Turbulent Affair by Sarah Doebereiner is novella that tells the tale of two young women both harboring a secret that threatens to destroy their friendship.

Crystal is head over heels in love with her best friend Sylvia. The secret of her love is festering inside her. Crystal cannot hold it in anymore. She has to tell Sylvia, but she is terrified what the reaction may be.

Sylvia has a secret that most people cannot understand. Her love is aggressive, and she can’t control it. When she engages in sexual acts, she becomes violent. Lovers (all male) have left with cracked ribs, broken noses, split lips. Crystal knows known of this deviance, and Sylvia is terrified of her reaction once she does.

This is not my normal type of book. With that being said it is very well written. Ms. Doebereiner is a very skilled writer. Her style is easy and flows quite naturally. Her characters have great dialogue, and if you read any of my reviews you know this is what I like. Sylvia and Crystal’s love for each other is strong and endearing. I enjoyed their interactions between each other immensely. With all of that being said, it felt like I need more of the story. Why did Sylvia feel the way she did? What made her feelings of equating sex with violence? I need more pieces to this intriguing puzzle.

3 stars out of 5

  • Publisher: Black Opal Books
  •  www.blackopalbooks.com

A Turbulent Affair
by Sarah Doebereiner
Link: http://amzn.com/B01A58DXGO

Sweet Hearts: Romantic Novellas by Melissa Brayden, Rachel Spangler & Karis Walsh

Sweet Hearts: Romantic Novellas is just what it says it is SWEET. Insert “awe” here, and feel free to really draw it out like us Southerners do, AAAWWWWEEE. This is quick read, distinctively broken up into three well written, compelling novellas. All three authors are quite frankly amazing writers, and it shows time and time again in the works that they produce. This book is no different, even though each story is relatively short.

Normally when I review a book I will give a brief synopsis of who each of the main characters are and what’s the basic premise of the story. I’m going to skip this step this time, and tell you what you really want to know, is this book worth your time. I think yes, would be my resounding answer. Yes, this book is good. Sweet Hearts is fun, it’s cute, and it gets right to the point in each of the three stories. Do I wish each was longer, hell to the yes for two of them, and one of the stories I was glad it was the length that it was. My final point is that well let’s be honest, it has a Melissa Brayden story in it, that’s really all you had to say to sell me.

4 out of 5 stars

Sweet Hearts
by Melissa Brayden et al.
Amazon Link: http://amzn.com/B018A2PJJQ