Knight’s Sacrifice by Nita Round

The proprietor of a funeral home, Catherine Samuels, knows all about the dead but that’s not what concerns her. No, it’s the dead that suddenly become undead that keeps her up a night. So zombies? Well, that too, plus some demons, ghouls and well you get the drift. . . scary creatures! For Catherine this is her legacy, her family has been put in charge of the gate to Hell since the beginning of time. The problem is Catherine’s family kept her out of the family business, and now that they have all passed on she’s grasping at straws to figure out what to do next and stop the increasing flow of dead bodies that are coming back to life and reeking havoc.

Cassandra “Cassie” Evans, is a fighter. Her job on Earth is to put the evil undead back where they belong. She uses her special skills to keep order between the living and the departed. Cassie comes to Catherine’s funeral home to help her figure out this mess. She has no clue that Catherine does not know her families secrets and what her duty as the keeper of the gate entails.

When Cassie gets to Catherine’s manor in the beginning of the book you have your basic, “I’m attracted to you, but I don’t want to be” setup. Cassie sees Catherine as part of her job and she wants nothing more than a professional relationship. What threw me as the reader is then we go for about a week with the boss and the employee completely avoiding each other. They even live in the same house, but no communication whatsoever. Once the do communicate its with kisses. Whoa! That kind of threw me, talk about zero to sixty.

Overall the book is an interesting tale of two women fighting to hold the world together, at the same time finding their inner powers. I will say there were times when I was a bit lost as to what was happening. I would have liked a bit more background information on what was happening and the Samuel legacy. You are finding out at the same time Catherine does, so as the reader, I felt as in the dark as she did. At times I found this to be a bit frustrating, but I was still interested in the outcome of the book. I believe this is Nita Round’s debut novel, and I will definitely read whatever she writes next.

3 out of 5 stars

  • Publisher: Blue Beacon Books by Regal Crest

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Blind Side of the Moon by Blayne Cooper

Blayne Cooper is an amazing writer. Her books are so good! Her latest book, Blind Side of the Moon, I literally bought without even reading what the plot was about. I didn’t need to, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that this book would be amazing. I was absolutely right, it was!

Samantha Blackwell is a high school junior that has recurring dreams that she knows are important. She just doesn’t know why or what she’s supposed to do with what she has seen. As the dreams begin to get more frequent and more detailed she learns through her mind’s eye that her dreams are about a classmate being stalked. She knows without a doubt she has to help, but she doesn’t know who she can get anyone to believe her.

Jane Hutchens is from one of the most prominent families in town. She feels like an outsider in her perfect little family. Her siblings, the twins, are the most popular kids in school. Jane is lucky if anyone even looks her way. Super smart Jane spends most of her time in a book. So when Samantha drops a bomb on her about being stalked she balks at the outrageousness of the situation. that is until the notes and text messages become so frequent and intense that she just can’t ignore the danger lurking.

So the premise of the book is a stalker on the loose and Samantha, who can at times foretell the future befriends Jane to help catch the madman before he hurts her. Oh, but it’s so much more than that. This book has amazing characters who have depth and soul. While they are young these two are also mighty. Both, Jane and Sam are so well developed and you really get to know their emotions. These are strong young women that you cannot help but love and root for.

While Blind Side of the Moon is a mystery filled with twists it also has a romance that is every bit the mystery’s equal. The love story is so sweet, it pulls at your heart strings time and time again. While the two characters are young, they are both wise in so many ways. The ending is left open a bit, so I hope that we will see more of this dynamic duo.

A Big 5 stars!

  • Publisher: Bella Books

Blind Side of the Moon
by Blayne Cooper

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Endless Winter by J.A. Armitage

Endless Winter by J.A. Armitage is a fantastical story with a ton of twists and turns. The book is well written, interesting and completely original. I never knew what was coming next in the story, and found myself quite surprised.

The story begins as Anais is locked in a dark room, and she has no idea how she got there. PANIC TIME! There is no door knob, no sound and no light. She is trapped in this room for days, somehow dinner appears, but she cannot figure out how someone got in the room without her noticing. As the reader I was on high alert, what’s happening, where is this going. We let me assure you this is no torture/crime book. Oh no, not in the slightest. Anais finally meets her keeper, and she is a beautiful young woman. Seriously? Yes, but you must read on to find out the why!

Aethelu is holding Anais against her will. This is totally out of character for her, but it is for Anais’s safety. She just can’t explain to her the reasons yet. You see no one in their right mind would believe that Aethelu was really 600 years old, and was given not quite eternal life by drinking a magical elixir that her father created. She also must let her captive know in time that there is a deranged man named Jago on the loose that killed her parents, it was no accident, like you were led to believe, and now he wants to kill the Earth’s population as well. Talk about a headache!

These two ladies come together as friends, finding companionship in a crazy situation. They begin a courtship that is cute, but in my opinion rushed. I wished it had taken just little longer for them to admit their feelings for one another. The supporting cast in interesting, but there are many of them and it was hard to keep up with them all. Overall this book is fun, and was an interesting read. It is free on Kindle Unlimited or just $.99 if you are not. Totally worth it, and I look forward to reading more from J.A. Armitage!

3.5 stars out of 5

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Endless Winter (Guardians of The Light Book 1)
by J.A.Armitage

Driving Me Mad by L.T. Smith

Brilliant, witty, engaging are adjectives that could easily describe L.T. Smith’s latest novel Driving Me Mad. Right from the beginning I was thrown into a wild ride featuring endearing characters both living and dead. This book was a romance with a heavy paranormal influence. To sum it up quickly, damn good storytelling!

Rebecca Gibson is a paper salesman. One night driving from one sales convention to the next, she gets lost. An easy two hour drive becomes four and she still is no closer to her intended destination. While trying to get her bearings in the middle of nowhere, way past midnight, things just get plain crazy.

Rebecca is an interesting character that is grounded, loves her work and doesn’t have very many friends. She is all work with little play. She is also hilarious, her internal dialogue is fantastic. Her wittiness is laugh out loud worthy. So, when a paranormal presence throws her into the past, lets just say she freaks out big time, and drops some epic curse words. She thinks she has gone cuckoo, and rightfully so.

Our other alive main character is Clare Davies. Clare is the direct descendant to both of our ghostly friends, Annabel and Ellen. Past lovers who were ripped about by Ellen’s murder.

Both Rebecca and Clare are thrown into the past and haunted by ghosts in order to solve the mystery and uncover the truth of what happened to Ellen over sixty years ago. Annabel and Ellen must be put to rest and Rebecca and Clare have been chosen for the task, whether they like it or not.

I literally could not put this book down. I was invested right from the beginning. L.T. Smith got me hooked almost instantly, and that’s no easy task. This book starts out at full speed and does not step off the pedal until the very end.

Great book, fantastic dialogue, interesting story with numerous twists and turns. What a great adventure this book was!

5 out of 5 stars

  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing
Driving Me Mad
by L.T. Smith

Driving Me Mad

The Light of the World by Ellen Simpson

Hooked, that is the first thing that comes to mind after reading The Light of the World by Ellen Simpson. I was hooked right from the beginning. Sleep be damned, this book had me reading well into the night. The Light of the World is full of imagination, wonderment, history and love. I literally could not put it down.

Eva Kessler is such an interesting main character. She is cautious, thoughtful, reverent and kind. Eva has not had an easy life, unfortunately she is one of the many that battles with depression. I think because of her personal struggles she sees the world from a different perspective. The way Eva sees people is so very thoughtful and it is really quite captivating.

The book begins as Eva has just lost her grandmother, the one person she felt completely comfortable around. Her grandmother was someone who understood that at times life seems bleak for reasons beyond our control. The grandmother, Mary Kessler, could relate to the sadness that often engulfs Eva. The elderly woman lived a very long life, but was filled with a sorrow and at times bitterness. Why her grandmother felt this way, has always been a mystery to Eva. Did Mary Kessler suffer from depression as Eva does, or had something happened to her early in life that broke her spirit?

While cleaning out her grandmother’s apartment, Eva stumbles upon her grandmother’s journals from 1925. These diaries are preserved in such away Eva knows immediately that these were important to her grandmother. Upon reading of Mary’s early life, Eva has a gut feeling that these journals will give her the knowledge of why her grandmother was often sad and melancholy. Eva reaches out to a local bookstore owner and this is where the story really takes off.

This book is enchanting in the way that the writer, Ellen Simpson brings us a main character that is so different and yet so very charming. Eva is not perfect, none of the characters are. Simpson expertly arcs the stories of the past with the present. Mary and Eva’s lives are both equally important. Never does the story bog down and make you wish she would just get on with it. No, each piece of the puzzle is important, as well as interesting to the story as a whole. This book is a journey, one with romance, history, fantasy and friendship. This book with will hook you right from the beginning.

5 out of 5 stars

The Light of the World
by Ellen Simpson






Twisted Whispers Sheri Lewis Wohl

Twisted Whispers by Sheri Lewis Wohl is the second in a series following Lorna Dutton, the reluctant psychic. Reading the first book in the series is definitely not a requirement. Although, it will help you understand some of the character’s background information.

Thea Lynch is looking for her missing twin sister, Alida. Alida went to work one day and vanished. Thea is understandably distraught and turns to the sheriff’s department and her childhood best friend Lorna for help. While Lorna is not a fan of her new ability to see visions, she can’t tell Thea no.

Deputy Sheriff, Katie Carlisle, takes Alida’s disappearance very seriously. She may even be the only one in the sheriff’s department that does. To make a missing person’s case even more difficult, Katie is undeniably attracted to Thea.

While I thought the first book in this series was okay, and I did have higher hopes for the second. I must say I was let down. This story drags like an old mule. The repetitiveness of thoughts and feelings by the main’s got on my nerves. I really struggled to get through it.

2.75 out of 5 stars

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
Twisted Whispers
by Sheri Lewis Wohl

Twisted Echoes by Sheri Lewis Wohl

Twisted Echoes by Sheri Lewis Wohl is a solid, well written book. This is a tale of the supernatural with a side of love. This book will definitely grab your attention from the beginning.

Lorna Dutton has inherited her Aunt Bea’s glorious Victorian home on the western coast of Washington. Lorna takes this gift and runs. This is a chance for her to escape. You see, Lorna, has had her heart broken by her ex. The love she thought was going to last forever didn’t hold up, and her ex, Anna, was really having an affair for quite some time. That has to sting! So Lorna high tails it to her new home, leaving Spokane and her past behind. What she gets is visions of two ghosts, who cannot rest until Lorna finds out the truth of their deaths.

The other main character is Renee Austin. Renee is the daughter of Aunt Bea’s housekeeper, Jolene. She grew up in the house Lorna has now inherited, and now she must return to her childhood home after losing her Seattle based business and home to a devastating fire. By the way, Renee sees people’s auras, and what she sees in Lorna’s has her convinced that she is someone special.

There is a myriad of sub-characters in this story as well. I felt at times they were given too much attention. These characters, especially Lorna’s brother, detracted from the time the author could have spent with Lorna and Renee together establishing their bond. I liked the book, I enjoyed the paranormal aspect, but I wasn’t completely sold on the love established by the two mains. It seemed rushed in my opinion. With this being said, I would still read the next in the series!

3.5 stars out of 5

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books                                                                   
Twisted Echoes: Reluctant Psychic 
by Sheri Lewis Wohl