Treacherous Seas by Radclyffe

After nine years, Radclyffe is giving us another installment of the Provincetown Tales. In book eight, Treacherous Seas, Reese Conlon and Dr. Tory King are expecting their second child. Just weeks away from going on medial leave all heck breaks loose in Provincetown. Would you expect anything less?

When the book first begins, Reese is training a rookie cop, Andy Champlain, to help out over the busy summer season. On her first night solo, Andy is called into break up a bar fight, making a quick decision she calls for backup but proceeds to break up the fight solo. Things get physical and Andy ends up with a concussion and a trip to the local emergency clinic. That night busted and bruised she meets, PA, Laurel Winter.

This books gives us a glimpse into old friends, who doesn’t love this series. We also get a new love story with Andy and Laurel. I did not think this romance was particularly fleshed out. I felt like I didn’t know Andy and Laurel as well as I wanted to. With that being said, you know you can always count on a quality read from Radclyffe, and this is no exception. A good read for sure, it just left me wanting a touch more. My guess is this one is setting us up for more in this series, which I am totally here for.

3 out of 5 stars

Publisher: Bold Stokes Books


Winter’s Harbor by Aurora Rey

Winter’s Harbor is the story of two women finding love in Provincetown during the off season. The premise had me interested from the beginning. I am a huge of fan of your good old fashioned romance without a mystery to solve, or murderer chasing the heroine down. This book while it had good intentions, it was not the romance for me.

The book first introduces us to Lia Brooks Lia is heartbroken, she has just left her home in New York City after finding her partner of 10 years in bed with a younger women. Total bummer! She picks up her bags and decides to lick her wounds and regroup in P-town during the 6 month winter break.
Alex McKinnon, is the owner and pastry chef at a local café in town. She is a serial dater, finding it easier to hookup and date the revolving door of women that come to Provincetown during its peak season. Alex has a no strings attached motto to the women in her life.

The issues I had with this book is that the two mains hookup pretty quickly into it. My personal preference is that this is held off a little longer, but other books have done a quick hookup with success, this one, not so much. I felt like I was reading a loop over and over again. The two characters repeat the same scenes, different outfits, over and over again. Have sex, go have coffee at Alex’s restaurant, and repeat. Also, these characters have zero depth beyond Alex is butch and cooks pastries, and Lia is a southern femme and cooks savory dishes as a hobby. To be honest I was bored to tears.

2 out of 5 stars

  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books                                                                   
 Winter’s Harbor
by Aurora Rey