Treacherous Seas by Radclyffe

After nine years, Radclyffe is giving us another installment of the Provincetown Tales. In book eight, Treacherous Seas, Reese Conlon and Dr. Tory King are expecting their second child. Just weeks away from going on medial leave all heck breaks loose in Provincetown. Would you expect anything less?

When the book first begins, Reese is training a rookie cop, Andy Champlain, to help out over the busy summer season. On her first night solo, Andy is called into break up a bar fight, making a quick decision she calls for backup but proceeds to break up the fight solo. Things get physical and Andy ends up with a concussion and a trip to the local emergency clinic. That night busted and bruised she meets, PA, Laurel Winter.

This books gives us a glimpse into old friends, who doesn’t love this series. We also get a new love story with Andy and Laurel. I did not think this romance was particularly fleshed out. I felt like I didn’t know Andy and Laurel as well as I wanted to. With that being said, you know you can always count on a quality read from Radclyffe, and this is no exception. A good read for sure, it just left me wanting a touch more. My guess is this one is setting us up for more in this series, which I am totally here for.

3 out of 5 stars

Publisher: Bold Stokes Books


Love on the Night Shift by Radclyffe (A Rivers Community Romance | Book 6)

Radclyffe delivers another stellar romance with her 6th installment in the Rivers Community Romance. This series is one of my favorites she had done. If you haven’t started this series, you can totally start at with any of the books, but I would go with #1 and work forward so you don’t miss all character nuances.

In Love on the Night Shift, you start off meeting Blaise Richelieu. Blaise is a single mom and the emergency room night charge nurse. Blaise had her daughter at an early age and has to work her tail off to get where she is today. This defines her as a character. She works hard, she cares for others, and often times she puts her own needs second.

Grady McClure is our other leading lady. Grady is a young surgeon who was ready to break out from the family (all doctors) and start her career somewhere new, where she could thrive and be herself. Grady has never been one for a serious relationship, casual has always served her well. That way of thinking goes right out the window when she meets Blaise on the night shift.

Most of our favorite characters make a cameo in this book. I always look forward to seeing Margie and Blake and how their teen romance is going along.  Grady and Blaise are delightful characters who work their way right into your heart. This is a classic Radclyffe book, it’s well written, the characters are well developed and it leaves you with a smile on the last page.

3.75 out of 5 stars

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Cost of Honor (Honor #10) by Radclyffe

Here we are in the 10th book of this series. I can still pull up the amazing moments of book one in my mind. Blair and Cam will always be one of my most treasured couples in romance. They have that special something. They had it in book one and it is still as powerful as ever in the tenth. I will forever treasure the Honor series.

While Cam and Blair are amazing as ever in Cost of Honor, you also get introduced to a new couple and all our old friends from the Justice series. Oakes Weaver is a Secret Service agent that is assigned to POTUS and is organizing his trip to the Nation Convention. Ari Rostof is our other new character. Ari comes in to take over for the former campaign manager who was killed in a hit and run “accident”. These two hit it off immediately and the romance begins.

This book has a lot of moving pieces and quite a few characters. At first, I thought it would be overwhelming but Radclyffe makes it work. She gives us enough of each to balance out the story and keeps you invested all the way through. This book is fun, it’s dynamic and it keeps you wanting more till the very last page.

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Passionate Rivals by Radclyffe

Radclyffe does stellar medical romances. The detail, the characters are always out of the pa Quinn again as well as a new dynamic due Sydney and Emmett.

Sydnerk good. Passionate Rivals is the fourth in the PMC Hospital Series. You will see Honer andy Stevens in nearing the end of her fourth year of her surgical residency. She is at the top and slated to be the next chief resident at Franklin Health Center Hospital. Her world and her career get spun into chaos when Franklin announces it has lost federal funding for their surgical program. Now Syd and a handful of other doctors are headed to a new program across town at PMC. To start all over with new mentors and new co-workers.

Emmett McCabe is the very best in her program, she knows it as well as everyone else. She is easily slated be be PMC’s chief resident. Well that is until Sydney Stevens comes back into her life. Emmett knows Sydney from way back when and she is the one women Emmett has never been able to forget.

I loved the details of this book. You truly feel as if your standing on the hospital floor with Emmett and Sydney and their fellow doctors. The medical drama is done to perfection. However the romance I felt was a bit lacking. Still good mind you, Radclyffe’s always are. I just would have liked more heat and tension.

You know unequivocally you are going to get your money’s worth when you read Radclyffe. This is no exception, not my favorite but a quality read nonetheless.

3 out of 5 stars

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

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Dangerous Waters (First Responders, #7) by Radclyffe

Colonel Sawyer Kincaid is called in the middle of her beachside vacation to come back to work early. The governor of Florida has called the National Guard to be ready for the imminent arrival of a large and deadly hurricane headed directly at the sunshine state. Sawyer is very aware of the danger Hurricane Leo is going to bring. Having survived Hurrican Andrew in the early 90s taught her that lesson well and let scars that would last forever. Now her main objective is to keep the people of Miami and the Keys as safe as possible.

Dr. Dara Sims is the head of the ER at Memorial Hospital in the heart of Miami. Dara is used to being in charge so when the military shows up in the form of Colonel Kincaid she is determined to keep the reins. What she doesn’t expect is immediate comradery and someone who can read her like a book.

I loved the details of this book. The story has urgency and danger at every turn. You can literally feel Sawyer and Dara racing the clock and mother nature. That part of the books is great. However, the romance feels a bit rushed as there is so much other stuff going on. I loved the characters they are fantastic, strong characters but I would have loved them having more one on one time together.

You know unequivocally you are going to get your money’s worth when you read Radclyffe. This is no exception, not my favorite but a quality read nonetheless.

3 out of 5 stars

Dangerous Waters

Heart Stop (First Responders, #6) by Radclyffe

If you are a Radclyffe fan, you’re going to love this one. The romance of Heart Stop has all the right elements. Fantastic main characters, delicious romantic tension, and just enough angst to keep you riveted to the storyline. I adored this book!

Dr, Jay Reynolds is lucky to be alive. An almost life ending accident has changed the direction of Jay’s life. Jay was born to be a surgeon. This was her life plan for as long as she can remember. In the blink of an eye, everything has changed. Jay is no longer physically capable of surgery. She can’t stand for long periods of time and not to mention the tremor in her hands. A push from a friend Jay changes her medical career into the field of pathology.

Assistant chief medical examiner Olivia Price is 100% the job. She expects excellence not only from herself but everyone around her. Burned by her first love, Olivia has completely written off all aspects of love, nope, this is for others, not for her. She spends her time focusing on the dead, and giving them final respects and answering clues on how they met their end. She is fine with that. Of course, this all changes when a new student, is thrust upon her.

Right off the bat, you have two things, a lot of tension and a lot of attraction. Let me tell you, I loved every second of Jay and Oliva’s story. It’s interesting, it’s hot and Radclyffe gives you just the right amount of push and pull to keep you riveted to their story. Secondly, there is a crime element of this book. If you have followed Radclyffe’s books you are going to meet up with a lot of past characters. Rebecca Frye and Catherine Rawlings, Dellon Mitchell and Sandy Sullivan, Dr. Ali Torveau and Beau Cross are all in here somehow connected to our main characters and looking for who a fatal synthetic heroin has ended up on the streets of Philadelphia. I think when you have a book that includes past characters you walk a thin line of whose book is this. Radclyffe does a good job of their cameos tying in directly to the story as a whole.

I always love a Radclyffe book, and this one I must say was a delight. I really, really liked Jay and Oliva’s dynamic.

4.25 out 5 stars


Secret Hearts by Radclyffe

A classic Radclyffe is what Secret Hearts is. A sweet story, with well-developed characters and enough chemistry to keep you 100% committed to the end. You know what you’re getting with this author and she doesn’t let you down.

Catherine “Kip” Kensington hails from a very prominent, well to do New York family. Her last name and the work she does for the Department of Defense forces her to keep a low profile. Unfortunately her brother, Randy does not follow her lead. Addicted to drugs and “borrowing” cars, lands not only himself but Kip in lockup. A childhood tragedy shaped both Kip’s and Randy’s life, and the young man has taken refuge in nefarious activities as a way of masking his pain. Kip plays the mother role and tirelessly tries to help Randy out of jams even though the price she pays is a criminal record and a ton of heartache.

Jordan Rice is developing a community garden project in the heart of Manhattan. She works tirelessly to plant her crops and make contacts to supply her produce to the city’s restaurant industry. With a heart of gold, and an iron will to succeed, Jordan doesn’t make room for anything else but work in her life. She’s given up on meeting anyone and fills her time with making the world a better place.

Jordan and Kip meet in a super awkward way. Kip is assigned by the courts to do 400+ hours of community service for driving a stolen vehicle (thanks Randy!). This caring do-gooder takes her licks and heads over to the community garden, unbeknownst to Jordan that the garden was getting a helper. Tension increases as the office building has just been broken into, which causes Jordan to almost attack Kip, the perceived thief.

This age gap romance has a lot going for it. You have two level-headed, intelligent leading ladies who really work well together. Life throws them some curveballs sure, but these to have a synchronicity and a natural flow. They just work well together in all sense of the word. Even though Kip is used to holding a bit of herself back, Jordan has a way of looking past that and finding out who Kip really is. Through Jordan, Kip learns to let Randy stand for himself, even if it’s a painful process, to watch someone you love take the hard road. This is a feel good story that is most definitely worthy of your time.

 4 out of 5 stars


Love on Call by Radclyffe

Love on Call is the third edition of the Rivers Community romances by Radclyffe. If you haven’t read the first two, this is a standalone, but you will be a bit in the dark on some of the periphery character’s backstories. If you are like me, Radclyffe is one of your go-to writers. While not always knockouts, Radclyffe is known for a quality story with interesting characters and engaging story lines. Love on Call will not let you down in this aspect.

Love on Call brings in a new character Mari Mateo, a physician’s assistant who has moved across the country for a chance to start over. Rivers offers Mari a chance at a career and life on her terms. Hailing from an intolerant family, Mari leaves her Los Angeles home to begin again. You find out pretty early on that Mari has had a rough go of it lately, harboring a secret that weighs heavily on her heart and mind.
The other main character is Glenn Archer, a recurring character from the last two books in this series. Glenn is a former Army medic who is now taking her new role as PA program director at Rivers hospital. Glenn is your brooding, heartthrob how is instantly likable but is more comfortable in the background than center stage.

Mari and Glenn hit it off right from the beginning. The work well together and become fast friends as well as colleagues. You can tell these two feel attraction towards the other, but both are skittish about taking it to the next level. Two very easily likable characters, that as the reader, you can’t help but root for them to overcome their self-imposed obstacles, and take the chance on love.

While their chemistry isn’t overwhelming and palatable, it is there. The romance is well thought out and interesting. These two characters have personal baggage, and it was delightful to see how they helped the other carry the weight, and see new perspectives on life. The compliment each other very well, and it was an overall good romance.
The only downfall in my opinion, to this story, is that you don’t get enough time with Glenn and Mari. Carrie plays a dominant role, and you are drawn to her story and what will most likely e the next romance in the series. Also, Blake and Margie, take a chunk of the story as well. As much as I loved the two mains of this book, my mind kept wondering what Carrie’s story will be, how will Blake and Marie’s romance unfold. I never was fully engrossed in this book, more wondering what the set-up for book four will be.

If you are a Radclyffe fan, you won’t be disappointed in this one. While not her best, this certainly will keep you entertained for the duration of the book. Definitely worth the price of admission!

3 stars out of 5

I was given this book by the publisher, BSB, in return for an honest review.

Love on Call (A Rivers Community Romance)
by Radclyffe

Against Doctor’s Orders by Radclyffe

Against Doctor’s Orders is the first book in the Rivers Family romance series. I, of course, read this book second, for some reason I keep doing this. I absolutely adored it. The story follows the Radclyffe formula, but is hands down is better than most of her later material. I felt like she had her spark back. You could tell the writer loved the scenery of upstate New York, and through Radclyffe’s descriptions could just see the picturesque farmland.

Family and practicing medicine are the cornerstones to the Rivers family. The 150 year old Argyle Community Hospital (aka The Rivers) is their legacy. The only problem is that the local hospital has become a money pit and the profitability has become nil. The board of directors is forced to sell the hospital to SunView.
Presley Worth is a corporate financier. She is the VP of Operations at her family’s company SunView. She is sent to decide what the best course of action is for Argyle Community Hospital. Presley see’s the hospital in terms of numbers, will it become profitable or should she shut it down. The Rivers family, and acknowledge that she has a job to do, they just try to show her why their way is important. Presley comes from a background where your worth in life is measured solely by your successes. She is a commanding character that is driven, exceptionally intelligent, and is set to climb corporate ladders.

Dr. Harper Rivers is the oldest of four daughters. Harper is an old school physician, taught by her father, and his father before that to do house calls, the country way medicine used to be. She loves this lifestyle, even though it is physically and mentally demanding. Harper enjoys the simple things in life. It is almost as if she was born in the wrong era, a character that would have been right at home in the early 1900s.

Harper and Presley’s romance was very well done. I enjoyed their story very much. Now it’s not the best Radclyffe’s ever done, I felt as if this was one of her better books in the last couple of years.

Rating 3.75 out of 5 stars

Against Doctor’s Orders
by Radclyffe

Prescription for Love by Radclyffe

Prescription for Love is a signature Radclyffe romance. A Radclyffe book is always a good read, with quality characters, and it always leaves you with a smile. Prescription for Love is no exception!

Dr. Abigail Remy has left Manhattan, for a chance at a new start as the new ER chief for Argyle Community Hospital. Abby has been a single, working mom since she was 20. She has spent her young adult years alone, studying, then working, all the while raising her son Blake. She leaves New York behind and moves to the rural community to give Blake a chance at start fresh in a new community with new friends.

Dr. Flannery Rivers is the head surgeon for the local hospital. She is a ball of energy, constantly in motion. Flann is all work, with an occasional fling on the side. Flann is easy going, with a wild side. She is startled to find out that the hospital administration has hired a new ER chief, taking away one of her many responsibilities. She is not looking for Mrs. Right, but she just might have found her in Dr. Abigail Remy.

In my option the two main characters, Abby & Flann are great. They are both strong, independent women with hearts of gold. There is however a lot going on in this book, the love story of course, but also a hospital being revamped, a tornado’s destruction and the stories of other sub-characters.

I found myself reading and wishing more of the story was about Blake, Abby’s son. He was fascinatingly told by Radclyffe as a young teen in the beginning stages of a gender transition. His emotions were so compelling. I literally could not get enough. I wanted more scenes between him a Margie, Flann’s younger sister. While definitely not the heart of the book, these characters were by far the most gripping.

Prescription for Love is a good read, and is totally worth your time, even though the ending felt rushed. Fingers crossed that one day hope Radclyffe writes Blake’s story.

3.75 out of 5 stars

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books                                                                        

Prescription for Love
by Radclyffe