Tokyo Love by Diana Jean

Beware Tokyo Love is a really addictive read. This is a well written and beautifully portrayed romance. What you will kind is a journey of finding love without feeling afraid, discovering yourself and finding your perfect match.

Kathleen Schmitt has recently moved to Tokyo by way of Illinois. This oversized American is like a fish out of water, struggling to adapt with the language and the Japanese culture. Kathleen jumped at the opportunity of a job promotion within her employer a technology company, Mashida, thinking that she would love a fresh start in a new country. Low and behold, Kathleen hits a roadblock at every turn. Her job is to do the coding for a personal love companion. Yes, you heard me! She’s developing sexy personal robots!

Yuriko Vellucci, is an American by birth, but move to Japan in her formative years after the divorce of her parents. Yuriko keeps her head down and lets work consume her. After a string or bad relationships, one especially heartbreaking, Yuriko focuses on her career as a mechanical engineer of quality control for Mashida. Yuriko’s main role is building the AI life-sized dolls that Kathleen writes code for. A chance meeting at the train station throws Yuriko and Kathleen together. Yuriko feels for Kathleen’s struggle to adapt to her new surroundings, she is at times annoyed and charmed by this overwhelmed American.

Okay so first off, don’t let the personal love companion throw you off. This book is in no way about people hooking up with life sized robots. While Kathleen and Yuriko work with this project and at time platonically interact with one, they absolutely do not hookup with one. I know you were wondering! No this is truly a romance between two women who would normally never have looked twice at the other. Chance interactions and work continuously throw these ladies together and a mutual respect and friendship begins. Romance blooms between the ladies, and it’s absolutely delightful.

The story is told in first person format you get to see what each of the leading ladies are thinking and, this is why this book is so enchanting. The internal dialogue is masterful. Fairly early into the book Kathleen comes to the realization that she is attracted to Yuriko on some level, (she has no clue it goes both ways). She fights with the fact that not only does she have a first time crush on a female, that it’s also with the one person she has become to depend on. Yuriko’s friendship means the world to her and keeps her grounded in the overwhelming city of Tokyo.

Enter Ai. Ai is a person love companion that has been made specifically for Kathleen. Kathleen must beta test the robot before production is to begin, get all the kinks out before it is available for consumers. Somehow this companion is made to look exactly like Yuriko. Awkward! Ai continuously pushes the reluctant friends together, and watch out because there are fireworks.

The scenes are hot. The connection sizzles. The writer draws you right it and doesn’t let you go. If you are anything like me you will find yourself fighting sleep to finish this one. Great book! You will not be disappointed.

5 out of 5 stars

I received this novel by the publisher, Crimson Romance in return for an honest review.

  • Publisher: Crimson Romance