Blinded by Kim Pritekel

Kim Pritekel is one of the first authors I stumbled across in the lesbian romance genre. Her stories are always well thought out with interesting characters. Going into going into her stories you know you are going to get a slow burn romance and a bit of craziness.

Burton Blinde is an investigative reporter for a local Denver new station. When we first meet her she is on her way to being a star, courted by CNN, she slated to be the next Barbara Walters. Days away from her move to New York, Burton is still tracking local stories, one including the juicy gossip of a Colorado senator being blackmailed by his former lover. As Burton is questioning the politician all hell breaks loose and a madman throws a grenade into the car, killing everyone but the reporter. Suffering horrific injuries Burton closes her friends out and retreats to the wilderness to live in near isolation.

Years later, after going through some of her old boxes from her reporter days, Burton comes across cryptic postcards. Her inquisitive mind will not let it go so she begins trying to find the old clues as to what the anonymous postcards were trying to clue her in on.
Okay so up until this point right here, I am digging this book. A great foundation is been laid out and I’m like oh yeah where we going with this. Then it kind of went haywire. So to make it quick, a small country, Chilvokia, near Russia is under attack, total warfare and has been for years. Dr. Lilli Novikoff, while studying medicine in Denver was the one trying to reach out to Burton to tell her of her country’s strife. First off, just tell her, she’s a reporter they are always looking for a story. Second, maybe contact the UN or NATO, just a thought. I think they would like to know if there has been coup, slaughtering person in the streets.

So any who Button goes to Chilvokia, it’s damn war zone, meets back up with Dr. Lilli, saves the king, falls in love…and goes home a hero. I can’t give you more because I was lost in the second half of the book numerous times. I wasn’t always sure who was who, and what was happening. What was the point of the war, I am still not sure, and something about selling women, kids and weapons, maybe. I was swimming in muddy water. It was fun and I enjoyed it but sometimes I had no idea my left from my right if that makes any sense at all. Also, I needed way more time with Burton and Lilli the couple, the romance part of Blinded was lacking.

Blinded is good, not great like Pritekel’s other books. I felt like she needed more chapters to explain what was happening. I think if the story had been longer, it could have cleared up the confusing pieces. Her characters definitely had chemistry I just needed more time with them together to solidify a stellar romance.

2.75 out of 5 stars

  • Publisher: Sapphire Books Publishing

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Unspoken by Liz McMullen

I love books sent during college, or at a college. I love all things academia! This probably because for me that time was so filled with great times and great friends. To be quite honest I was lucky to get out of there with a degree, I had so much of a good time. So when this theme in a book I will almost always jump at the chance to read it.

Desiree Chevalier is a French American that is going to school at Mount Holyoke College, an all-women’s liberal art school in Massachusetts. Desiree is there on a demanding academic scholarship. She works two jobs and is dedicated to her studies as a history major. Desiree comes from money, her mother is a very successful corporate raider, but she is controlling and downright mean. Desiree is using college as her chance to break her mother’s hold on her life. She takes no money from her family, and barely takes the time to answer her mother’s phone calls. She has zero time in her life for any distractions, especially love.

Rowan Knight is working her way through college. She takes every job she can get to help her pay the tuition of a private college. She works as handy-woman, fixing anything that she can to make an honest buck. She also has a terrible crush on another history major. Yep you guessed it Desiree Chevalier.

So to me, the premise of this book held a lot or promise. And for the first few chapters I was really intrigued on how this novel would play out. Then other characters began to show up and the book got kind of confusing. Everyone was an Irish butch, super-hot, with great hair. Who was who, became a downright mystery.  The thing about it was none of these new sub-characters were even needed in the story. You had just a bunch of descriptions on people that had no real place in the story. Fine, I can move past that no problem. What threw me was when a character completely changes her tune in an instance. You cannot go from the ice princess, which Desiree was totally set up to be, to sappy in love in an instant. She went from being cold and standoffish to Rowan, to being her girlfriend in literally a chapter. My head spun! It was unfathomable. Then later in the book the same thing happens with her mother, no not falling in love with Rowan, but becoming nice and understanding. WHAT?  It just did not make sense! The story had potential. It just didn’t follow through on what it was set up to be.

2 out of 5 stars

ARC provided by Netgalley & Sapphire Books in exchange for an honest review


The House at the End of the Street by Stephanie E. Kusiak

Ghosts, I have never encountered one. I am not sure I really want to. I have quite the chicken heart and having a ghostly encounter, to be honest, gives me the heebie jeebies. With this being said I would usually pass on a ghost story, but the fact that it was written by Stephanie  Kusiak made me override this immediately.  Her book Loved and Lost is one of my all-time favorites, and therefore her books are on my automatic read list.

Caitlin Cassidy is a newly divorced author that has decided to lick her wounds the only way she knows how, she heads home. Packing up and leaving Los Angeles was harder than she ever imagined it would be. Her marriage is over. A life she was 100% committed t, but could not make work. In her devastation she decides to buy an old abandoned home and restore it to its former glory.  The thing about the home is there is a ghost that lives there. Caitlin knows this because the ghost saved her life when she was a little girl, and that moment has stayed with her forever.

Natalie Hargrove is the ghost that remains in Caitlin’s house. Once an accomplished painter, Natalie had it all. A great family, a beautiful lover, amazing friends, but she lived in a time where she couldn’t be open and honest about who she was and who she loved. Upon telling the truth to her loved ones it all came crashing down. Natalie turned to the bottle in her despair and she fell to her death falling down her grand staircase. Natalie should have never met Caitlyn but she did, and now they are roommates.

I will tell you this book made me cry. I am not really much of a crier, I try to repress those feelings most of the time, but this book brought out the waterworks. While this book is on the short side, it does not lack for emotion. There are times parts of the story are rushed or glossed over, but what you do have is simple and beautiful. The interactions between Natalie and Caitlin are power packed, and with heavy emotion. The two women and their journey was incredible, not like any other story I had read before. I was enthralled, completely captivated by Natalie and Caitlin. This is an amazing story of lost souls and love. Stephanie Kusiak does not disappoint with this one!

5 out of 5 stars