The Song in My Heart by Tracey Richardson

Dess Hampton is a 40 something recluse. She was one a super star musician, money, fame, the whole nine yards. Then she was diagnosed with throat cancer, and lost her ability to sing. Her friend, Sloane talks her into mentoring a young female singer who is on the precipice of making it big. Enter Erika Alvarez, young, hot, a voice on an angel…you get the drift. Dess begrudgingly agrees to work with Erika and play lead guitar in disguise on her upcoming summer tour. This in when we go from 0 to 60, with very little substance in the romance department. All of the sudden they are in love. A lot more happens, but I won’t go into more details, you will need to read the book.
I will say I have read other novels by Tracey Richardson and thoroughly enjoyed them. This one is not one of those favorites. It starts slow. The book was just hard to really get into. I felt like I got to know one character really well, what her background was, why she behaved the way she did. The other lead character on the other hand, never really clicked to me. Also, a personal pet peeve is that they fall into bed together pretty early on in the book.. I prefer the romance to be drawn out, though like I said this is a 100% a personal preference. I felt like there was a good story in here it just got lost somewhere along the way.

2 out of 5 stars

The Song in My Heart
by Tracey Richardson                                                                                                           Publisher: Bella Books
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