Pathogen by Jessica L. Webb

Pathogen by Jessica L. Webb picks up not long after the conclusion of Trigger, the debut novel in the Dr. Kate Morrison Mystery series. If you haven’t read, Trigger, stop, go read it and then jump right into this one. These two need to be read in sequence. Otherwise, you will be wading in the dark. My rview of Trigger can be found here:

In Trigger, Dr. Kate Morrison and RCMP Sergeant Andy Wyles were thrown together to solve a medical mystery of humans being used a scary ass bombs.  The race against time and an evil villain brought these two unlikely women, threw them into a harrowing situation and they both came out alive, scarred and totally head over heels in love. Such a good book!

Pathogen picks up in the aftermath of said event. As Kate returns to being an ER doctor at Vancouver East, she is struggling a bit with being out in her relationship and wrestling with the demons of what happened in Seattle. On the flip-side, she is deliriously in love with Andy. The small moments these two have with each other at the beginning of the book give you a window into their relationship.

Where the tension begins…Andy is called up to the Whistler area to investigate an outbreak of a mysterious flu-like virus. Why is RCMP involved, and not the Public Health Agency of Canada? The mystery seems to increase as a politician’s daughter is one of the sick. Is this political warfare breaking out? The RCMP brings in Kate to assist Andy on finding out what this virus is, who designed it and for what purposes. The mystery of this book is fantastic. Webb hits you with details and facts that have been meticulously researched. The story has many layers, but the heart of it all is a riveting medical drama.

I think what I loved the most about this book though is the protagonists. Kate is such a multifaceted character. She is deeply wounded, but so strong at the same time. Her complexity and resiliency draw you in, and you can’t help but root for her success and at the same time feel her pain. While Andy is the strong protector you sense her wariness as to when the other shoe is going to drop. Will the outside pressure be too much for Kate and Andy to handle? Her wariness of their future is palatable, but her heart is beyond invested. Their relationship, to me, is what makes this book great.

5 out of 5 stars

by Jessica Webb