One Walk in Winter by Georgia Beers

I want a book that gives me all the feels. When you open up a new book and that delicious anticipation of will this be a good one? Fingers crossed it will be a great one. That is an amazing feeling when it actually comes to fruition. You know pretty early on with Georgia Beers newest book, One Walk in Winter, that you have a special book in your hands.

Hayley Boyd Markham lost her mother two years ago to cancer. Since her mother’s death, she has been lost. No direction, no interests, and far too many nights burning up the Manhattan nightlife to find a band-aid for her pain. Her dad has had enough, after spending thousands on bottle service at NYC club, Hayley has been assigned to take over the manager role of one of the Markham family’s smaller hotels, the Evergreen. Hayley has no interest or experience in the hotel industry. She is an artist at heart. Her father gives her no choice, she is to manage the hotel or be cut-off from her family’s funds for good.

Olivia Santini is the assistant manager of the high-end vacation resort. She works her tail off to provide each and every one of the Evergreen’s customers a world-class experience. She loves the hotel and her staff, and she knows that there is work to be done to make this place even better. What she does not care for is being passed for the manager’s position. She knows it’s not Hayley’s fault she did not get the role, but it stings that once again she has been passed over for a job she has already been doing.

What makes this book rise above the rest is Beers creates amazing chemistry between the two leads. The feelings, the attraction, the anticipation of an epic romance, it all just jumps off the page. I found myself hanging on every word, feverously turning the page for the next interaction between Hayley and Olivia. This is a delightful romance that made me smile and made my heart happy.

5 out of 5 stars

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Winter Calling by Lynn Galli

It was freezing bitter cold this weekend, so what better to do than curl up with a book and read about a romance at a ski resort. Winter Calling is by Lynn Galli, so you know it’s going to be a quality read. It was it totally was, it was a sweet romance that was a great way to pass a winter’s day.

The book alternates between the point of view of both main characters. Tru Daring is the part of the Human Resources at the local ski resort. Tru is a likable, cheerful and always has something positive to say. She loves her job, her community and has the best relationship with her sister Blythe. She also has a huge crush on the new CFO, Renske Van der Valk.

Renske is the opposite of Tru. She is an ice queen with a hard, no-nonsense personality. Her job is to improve the financial stability of the ski resort and she has made more enemies than friends turning this company around. Renske doesn’t mind that she hasn’t made any friends with her co-workers, she is a loner by nature but she does have a soft spot for one certain gregarious HR staff member. Renske thaws a bit after she begins to spend more time with Tru. She really melts when she befriends Blythe. The Daring sisters reveal the softer edges of the ice queen.

Overall, the book is an adorable read. My one complaint it is on the short side.

3.75 out of 5 stars

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