24/7 by Yolanda Wallace

24/7 by Yolanda Wallace is a wild ride through Mexico. Ms. Wallace as always delivers an entertaining read that is fun and well researched. Thrill seekers this is your book.

24/7 begins in a bar in the DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth for you non-Texas travelers) airport. Finn Chamberlain is awaiting her departure to Cancun. Finn is a travel writer/photographer for Bon Voyage magazine. Finn while she resides in San Francisco she rarely spends anytime there. Finn prefers to wonder the Earth and her job is the perfect outlet to do so. Finn is your typical introvert, she would rather be in the background, and tend to keep to herself. All the relationships she has had have been quick, all about sex, and nothing about attachment.

Luisa Moreno is a five foot eight badass. Luisa was a former officer in the Mexican Army and is now headed to Mexico City to become a member of the Mexican Federal Police. She resigned from the Army after finding out that her commanding officer was on the take from the drug lords that run rampant in Mexico. Luisa exudes confidence and is a commanding presence. Finn is instantly drawn to her. This is 100% lust a first sight, and yes our leading ladies take a bid leap right into the sack in a hotel in the great state of Texas.

Finn and Luisa make a connection that is solid and continue to make time for each other even though Finn is in Cancun and Luisa is in Mexico City. I thought this was really sweet, usually I am 100% turned off by insta-love, but in this case it works. The book spends quite a bit of its time building up to the action packed adventure that will bring the book to its crescendo. There is drama, murder, mayhem all rolled into one. Police versus the drug lords and a whole lot of beach vacationers caught in the crossfire. The romance is sweet but it is not the main focus of the book. To me it felt more of a police procedural with side a side-or love, but its good and it’s really fun.
3.5 out of 5 stars

by Yolanda Wallace
Link: http://amzn.com/B01BU2MYWS


Break Point by Yolanda Wallace

The book, Break Point, is a historical romance set in the two years before the official start of WWII. The story follows the lives of two female amateur tennis players and the struggles they must face in this unsettled time. If you are a sports fan book will definitely appeal to you.

Mieke von Bismark is the number one female tennis player in the world. She doesn’t need to turn pro, she is German royalty. She is a countess and a fierce competitor. Winning is her top priority on the court and nothing else matters more. Mieke’s life is altered when she becomes noticed by the furor, Adolf Hitler. In Hitler’s mind, her wins on the court, are a testament to her superior Aryan breeding. The problem for Mieke is that she is a lesbian in a time that that could land you in a concentration camp. The Nazi’s have spoken and she is forced to win in order to keep her life.

Helen Wheeler is other protagonist to this story. She is the number two female tennis player. She is on the precipice of turning pro, the only thing she needs to do is sign the contract. That is until Agent Lanier of the FBI shows up at her door. The FBI needs more information as to why a tennis player is meeting with Hitler. They force Helen into finding out why, using the past as their leverage. Helen and Meike used to be partners on the court and off.

I thought this book was a well written tale. I enjoyed to sports influence to a history romance novel. I thought both characters were interesting, and I enjoyed seeing their perspective of life in the late 1930’s. Sports based novels tend to give too much info on the game. Yolanda Wallace did a good job of not making the book too much about the actual sport, and its nuances. I will say the love story was good, but it didn’t ring my bell. If you had a strong past with a former lover, who suddenly broke up with you, I feel like the tension would be stronger. I just didn’t feel any true romance based emotions between these two characters. The last 30% of this book really amps up and takes you on a bit of a wild ride. Overall, this a good quality read.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

  • Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
  •  www.boldstrokesbooks.com

Break Point
by Yolanda Wallace
Link: http://amzn.com/B015DC4T2E